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Posted by: Fr. Sandy | May 30th, 2016

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Mass and Seminar Schedule

Mao kini ang mga schedules sa mga misa dinhi sa atong Cathedral.

Weekday Masses Cotta Shrine Masses Sunday Masses

5:30 - Cebuano
12:00 Noon - Cebuano

5:15 - Cebuano

4:00 - Cementeryo
Katoliko, Aguada

5:00 - Every Thursday
5:30 AM - 2nd Friday
4:45 PM - Every Sunday

5:00 - Cebuano
6:15 - Cebuano
7:30 - Cebuano
8:45 - English
10:00 - Cebuano
12 Noon - Cebuano

2:45 - Cebuano
4:00 - Cebuano
5:15 - Cebuano
6:30 - Cebuano

Ang mga schedules sa seminar para sa bunyag, pre-cana ug confirmation mao kini:


First Saturday
Third Saturday
Time: 1: 30 P.M

Ang bunyag matag Domingo sa may alas 11:15 sa buntag (except last Sunday)

Saturday and Sunday It begins Saturday before 2nd Sunday 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M

Fourth Saturday
Time: 1: 30 P.M