Who do you say that I am?

Posted by: Fr. Timmy | September 30th, 2012

Sept 28. Friday.  Lk 9:18-22.  “Who do you say that I am?”.


All of us have experienced what Jesus has experienced.  We felt what Jesus felt in today’s gospel.   People would call us names.  If you are a good singer, someone will say, “Padre  maayo lage ka mokanta, you sing like our dog”. Or if you are a good speaker, someone will say, “Padre  maayo jud ka mosulti, morag katuohan na lage ka karon”.


But there is a difference between Jesus and us.  Jesus is focus.  Despite His success and popularity, Jesus is focused on His mission and that is, “to suffer greatly”.


Sometimes we are so loaded with lots of  activities, like yesterday we celebrated the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, today is the feast of St. Lorenzo Ruiz and companions  and tomorrow will be another feast, Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and we can be suffocated with many events that we forget our mission.


During fiesta it is expected that there will be lots of activities and guess what part sa fiesta celebration ang pinaka atangan ug tambongan sa mga tawo.  Will it be during the novena?  The procession?  The celebration of the eucharist?  Or ang kaon?    Kon mas daghang tawo ang mipili nga moanha sa kaon lang, that will show to us how distracted we can be and how many people have set aside the mission. Samot na kon ang mga tawo nakakaon na, ug nalimot pag-uli sa plato, kutsara ug tinidor!


Now something has to be done to remind us of our mission and what is it?   The solution is to learn to find a quite time with the Lord. We have to learn to have silence in our lives. 


If we can spend time to attend events of the fiesta, like, watch beauty contests, go to the plaza, go to different houses to eat and drink, have fun, it is not that difficult to have time to be silent and to quite.


Today we remember and honor St. Lorenzo Ruiz, our 1st Filipino saint, the 1st Filipino martyred for the Christian faith.  We are very proud of him and why?   Not only because he was Filipino, but because of what he stand for us Filipinos.    He faced a lot of difficulties and trials because of his faith.  When he was in his late 20’s or early 30’s,   he had to leave his work and his family in Binondo because he was accused of being involved in a criminal case, the circumstances of which are far from clear. But it was his work in Japan as a missionary that he had to faced his greatest test.  Together with his companions, he was arrested and imprisoned.  He underwent inhuman tortures  and valiantly confessed his Christian faith.  Refusing to renounce his faith, he told his executioner that he was ready to die for God and give himself for many thousands of lives if he had them.  After 2 days of agony, he died of bleeding and suffocation.  His body was cremated and the ashes thrown into the sea.   He and 15 companions, martyred in the same persecution, were beatified by Pope John Paul II in Manila on February 18, 1981 and elevated to the full honors of the altar by canonization on October 18, 1987 in Rome.


Hopefully as we listened to the short presentation of the life of St. Lorenzo Ruiz, we were able to enter into a moment of silence with God.   The period of being quite hopefully was able to remind us of our mission.


Today we are being invited to be identified with Jesus Christ. Like St. Lorenzo, may we have the courage to stand up for our faith, to have the same conviction like him who said, “I am a Christian and I am happy to die for God. If I have a thousand lives to offer, I will offer it to God”.   


My dear brothers and sisters, most probably God is not calling us to a martyrdom similar to that of St. Lorenzo Ruiz, kay ug anaa pa si Jesus karon ug mangutana, “are you going to die for me, same as I have died for you”.  We will probably say, “puede next time na lang Lord kay mamista pa ko sa Tangub unya human sa misa”.   But maybe we choose to make a daily offering to God.


What can we offer to God for our faith?  One concrete offering is to decide, to make a commitment to set aside a time in a day for silence and moment of reflection.  We make the choice to enter into silence with God, in the solitude of our rooms or spend time in the chapel or prayer room in the company of the Blessed Sacrament.  We begin by switching off our cellphones and putting off all extra-curricular activities.


May we have the strength and discipline to declare a particular hour in a day, as a an hour exclusive for my Savior and my God.


We all asked for strength, we seek for inspiration and the simple solution is to invite SILENCE in our day.  Our strength and inspiration can only come from HIM who suffered and died for us, our Savior and our God.

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