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Posted by: Fr. Sandy | March 28th, 2011

Pari:  Kun kinsa man ang naghunahuna nga dili angay nga ipadayun kining kasal, karon na ang pagtingog!   Ug dihay mitingog nga lalaki  “Aa…aa..ako dre.  Ug pari miingon “kining dili ka puede motingog dong, kay ikaw man ang ikasal karon”.


For this afternoon’s wedding I was hoping that another priest will speak-up and give the homily.  That is why I asked the bride to please inform her classmate or her relative to be the main celebrant and homilist today.   But as expected my brother priests feels reluctant to speak.  Unfortunately for you, I was forced to accept this responsibility to speak on a subject matter I feel I have difficulty relating to.    Because can you really trust the words of the priest to talk about marriage and love.   Priests are very good in officiating weddings and going to the reception but when asked to talk about marriage and love, who wants to listen?


Last Saturday I meet with ____ and ____ for the marriage interview.   I wish to thank both of them for coming on the agreed time.  I see them prepared and ready to speak up.  In my case,    I remember feeling helpless during the marriage interview especially when they both started to share their feelings for one another kay morag dili man jud ko ka relate ana oi.    Well anybody can please tell me what is it that they feel towards one another?  Can you say it aloud?  Let me help you kindly complete the sentence  ____ and ____ are in ____!       Yes they keep telling me that they are in love but what is love and why get married?


To understand marriage and love maybe if I begin to go back to the place of origin?   Taga asa man ni si ____ ug si _____?       I don’t have to tell you that both of them have known each other since birth, having lived in the same place, in Aloran.  And I assume many of you come from Aloran or New York?    It’s like as if their place of origin is telling me if you want to understand and find love, go to Aloran!    But I understand that it was not love at first sight for ____ (bride) kay ____  ngano sad wala dayun ka ma-inlove ni ____ nga siligangan ra man diay mo.  But for ___ (groom) it was a love at first wait.  ____ knows that his true love for ____ have to wait.  How long did ___ (groom) wait for her true love?    Kabalo mo unsa kanus-a pa naghulat si ____ since elementary!    And how about ____ (bride), how long did she resist the charms of ____(groom)?   How many denials and saying “NO”?


Pero kay naa may Ginoo unya ang Ginoo kay milaban man gyud ni ____ mao napildi gayud si ______.  So by the grace of God and their cooperation, they finally realized that they love each other very big and small, big because ____is extra large and small because____ is small.


When I asked ____ (bride) what is love?  She said “it’s a decision to spend my whole life with him”.     And when I asked ___ (groom)  what is love?   He said  “It is only with her that I want to share my life with”.      So after hearing that, I started to understand what marriage and love, is but I wanted to be sure so I asked again.    Did you not pressure each other?   Like,  unsa man ni wala ba kaha gihadlok ni ___(groom) si ____ (bride) to enter into marriage?    Kay during sa interview nagtan-aw ko ni ____ (groom) ug ako man hinoon ang nahadlok.    But they keep on smiling during the course of our interview which to me is a mark of a happy and secure heart.   So I seem to understand that there was no fear in their decision to love, but security and joy.   Written in both their faces is the feeling of security that truly they found love, proudly made in Aloran.  They both know that they are crazily and madly happy with each other and how long is this feeling of joy for each other?    They are crazy and madly happy for 4 years and they realized that they wanted to be crazy and madly happy for the rest of their lives.   So another insight on marriage and love,  if you are crazy and madly happy for one another then you’re love is ready for the next step which is marriage.

So I started to understand, marriage is a decision to love.  Their decision to enter itno marriage is the expression of the love that wants to enter into a lifetime commitment, to have and to hold, to care and to share till they breath their last.


And this decision puts an end to my examination.     I do not have to ask them if they are ready for that kind of commitment kay for sure, both of them will say  “dugay naming ready padre…mao taposa na imong homily dira”.     Ambot ug naminaw ba kaha ni sila karon but I am grateful to you _____ and ____, with the little time that I spent with you,  I begin to understand what love and marriage is.

And how very helpful is our gospel to fully explain love and marriage in a few and simple words “ so that my joy maybe yours and your joy maybe complete”.


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